Setting the Agenda:

Responsible Party Government in the US House of Representatives




Gary W. Cox and Mathew D. McCubbins

May 2005





Online Data Appendices


Our recent book, Setting the Agenda, refers to hundreds of results.  These results are presented in text, footnotes, tables or figures.  Using the files linked to this web page you can replicate all of these results.  You may also use these links to see new or unpublished results related to those discussed in our book, or to explore our data on your own.  If you use any of the data here in your own research, please remember to give the proper citation.


Each chapter in Setting the Agenda has a separate linked web page here, with all of our results derived.  We present this as follows:


      First, we quote the text passage, footnote, table, or figure from our book.

      Second, to make it easy for you to replicate our results, we then provide a specific computer program (usually a STATA 7/8 do file) and a specific data set (stored as a STATA 7/8 dta file) from which you can derive the exactly stated result from the quote.

      Third, we in turn provide a log-file that has a stored version of the result.

      Fourth, we provide a codebook (either as a Word document or a PDF file) and a general dataset from which the specifically designed datasets in steps two and three above were derived.