Is Allegiance Gold a Legit Company?

Investing in precious metals like gold can be a prudent strategy for diversifying one’s portfolio and safeguarding wealth. However, the gold industry is not without its share of scams and fraudulent schemes. Therefore, it’s crucial for investors to conduct due diligence and thoroughly research any company before trusting them with their hard-earned money. Allegiance Gold is one such company that has garnered attention in the precious metals market. In this article, we will examine whether Allegiance Gold is a legitimate company or if there are concerns that investors should be aware of.

Who is Allegiance Gold?

Allegiance Gold is a precious metals investment company based in the United States. According to their website, the company’s mission is to “help individuals and families secure their financial futures by adding physical precious metals to their investment portfolios.” They offer a range of services, including the sale of gold and silver coins and bars, as well as providing educational resources on precious metal investments.

The Good: Allegiance Gold’s Positive Aspects

  1. Reputation: Allegiance Gold has built a reasonably good reputation in the industry. They have received positive reviews and ratings from various sources, including the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot. These positive reviews suggest that many customers have had satisfactory experiences with the company.
  2. Educational Resources: Allegiance Gold offers a plethora of educational resources on their website, including articles, videos, and guides, aimed at helping investors understand the nuances of precious metal investments. This commitment to education is a positive sign, as it demonstrates a willingness to empower investors with knowledge.
  3. Transparency: The company provides transparent pricing information on their website, allowing potential customers to see the current prices for various gold and silver products. Transparency in pricing is a critical factor in establishing trust with investors.
  4. Customer Service: Allegiance Gold claims to prioritize customer service. They have a team of experts available to answer questions and assist customers in making informed investment decisions. This level of customer support can be reassuring for potential investors.

The Concerns: Allegiance Gold’s Potential Red Flags

  1. Sales Tactics: Some customers have reported aggressive sales tactics, including high-pressure sales calls and pitches that exaggerate the potential benefits of investing in gold. While this may not necessarily be a sign of a scam, it can make investors uncomfortable and cautious.
  2. Precious Metal IRAs: Allegiance Gold specializes in setting up Precious Metals IRAs, which allow individuals to hold physical gold and silver within their retirement accounts. While this can be a legitimate investment strategy, it’s important for investors to fully understand the potential risks and fees associated with such accounts.
  3. Lack of Independent Verification: Unlike some other reputable precious metal dealers, Allegiance Gold does not have an independent third-party verification system in place. Independent audits or assessments can provide an extra layer of confidence for investors.
  4. Limited Information on Company History: Allegiance Gold does not provide extensive information about its history, leadership team, or business affiliations on its website. This lack of transparency regarding the company’s background may raise questions for some investors.


So, is Allegiance Gold a legit company? While there are positive aspects to Allegiance Gold, including its reputation, educational resources, transparency, and customer service, there are also concerns, such as sales tactics and limited information on the company’s history. As with any investment, it is essential for prospective investors to do their own research and exercise caution.

Before making any investment with Allegiance Gold or any other precious metal company, it is advisable to consult with a financial advisor and thoroughly review the company’s offerings, fees, and terms. Additionally, consider seeking independent reviews and opinions to gain a well-rounded perspective on the company’s legitimacy and suitability for your investment goals. Remember that the precious metals market can be volatile, and due diligence is crucial to making informed decisions and safeguarding your financial future.