Who Owns Noble Gold?

Noble Gold is a name that has gained prominence in the world of precious metals investment. As investors seek to diversify their portfolios and hedge against economic uncertainties, gold and other precious metals have become increasingly popular options. Noble Gold, a company specializing in precious metals investments, has positioned itself as a trusted player in this industry. But who owns Noble Gold, and what is the story behind this company? In this article, we will delve into the ownership and history of Noble Gold.

The Founding of Noble Gold

Noble Gold was founded by Charles Thorngren in 2017. Charles Thorngren is an entrepreneur with a background in finance and investments. He recognized the growing interest in precious metals as a safe-haven asset, particularly among individuals concerned about the volatility of traditional financial markets. This led him to establish Noble Gold with the goal of providing a reliable and customer-centric platform for precious metals investment.

Ownership Structure

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Charles Thorngren is the owner and CEO of Noble Gold. He plays a pivotal role in the company’s operations and decision-making. However, it’s important to note that ownership structures of private companies can change over time, and I do not have access to real-time information. Therefore, it’s advisable to verify the current ownership status from the company’s official sources or recent news.

Corporate Information

Noble Gold is headquartered in Pasadena, California, and it has gained recognition for its commitment to customer service and transparency. The company specializes in helping investors acquire precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for their individual retirement accounts (IRAs) or as physical assets.

Services Offered by Noble Gold

  1. Precious Metals IRAs: Noble Gold assists individuals in setting up self-directed IRAs that allow them to hold physical precious metals in their retirement accounts. This strategy can provide protection against inflation and economic downturns.
  2. Gold and Silver Coins and Bullion: Noble Gold offers a wide range of gold and silver coins and bullion products, including American Eagle coins, Canadian Maple Leafs, and bars of varying sizes.
  3. Education and Resources: The company provides educational resources to help clients make informed decisions about precious metals investments. They also offer guidance on portfolio diversification.
  4. Storage Options: Noble Gold offers secure storage solutions for clients who prefer not to store their precious metals at home. This includes options for segregated storage to protect clients’ specific assets.

Reputation and Customer Reviews

Noble Gold has earned a positive reputation in the precious metals industry for its commitment to transparency and customer service. The company has received numerous positive reviews from satisfied clients who appreciate their expertise and assistance in making precious metals investments. However, as with any company, it’s essential to conduct due diligence and read recent customer reviews to assess their current standing and performance.


Noble Gold is a trusted name in the precious metals investment industry, founded by Charles Thorngren in 2017. As of my last knowledge update, Charles Thorngren is the owner and CEO of the company. Noble Gold has established itself as a reliable partner for individuals seeking to diversify their investment portfolios with precious metals, offering services like Precious Metals IRAs, the sale of gold and silver products, educational resources, and secure storage options.

Please note that ownership and corporate information may change over time, so it’s crucial to verify the current status of Noble Gold from the company’s official sources or recent news before making any investment decisions.